The cultivation of special young swan

1, grouping and insulation. In order to increase the survival rate, they should be reared in groups of 20-30 per group. Freshly hatched goslings are afraid of cold and heat. Therefore, the heat preservation is better within 1-2 weeks. The temperature of the brooding kept within 30 days at 30-32°C within 7 days after shelling, and then dropping 1°C per day until room temperature, that is, the temperature in the house is maintained at 15-25°C. When the temperature is too cold, the goslings are easy to crowd and cause death. When the temperature is low, always observe the dynamics of the goslings, hand-shift the geese by hand, make them active, prevent the heaping up, keep the litter dry, change the litter frequently to prevent the goslings from resting and the sleeping place is wet In order to avoid cold goslings, leading to colds, diarrhea and so on.

2, tide mouth and open food. The first time drinking goslings becomes a tide mouth, it can stimulate the appetite to promote the discharge of meconium. When young goose fluff is dry and can walk freely. When there is a phenomenon of eating fingers and litter, you can start the tide mouth. You can use a water dispenser to hold the head of the gosling and adjust it to drink water several times. A large group of breeders will only follow the drinking water if they only teach the rest. When the weather is warm, the goose can be placed in a basket and then immersed in water. The geese can freely drink water for 4 minutes and then start eating.

After the goose tide, you can eat it. When you eat it, you should feed the fine green and fine mixture. The goslings in one week will feed no less than 7 times during the day and 2 times during the night. As the age increases, the number of feedings may gradually decrease.

3, feed and feeding. The feed for goslings is mainly about 20% of crude protein contained in concentrate feed (mixed feed) and green feed (vegetable, grass) mixed feed. The ratio of fine material and green material is 1:2-3, and the leaves and tender grass should first go to earth and cut into tobacco.

4, grazing and swimming. Goslings hatch 3-7 days after hatching in the summer and 10-15 days in winter and spring. Sunny days can be used for short-term grazing, allowing the goslings to swim 1-2 times, 15-30 minutes each time. After the time gradually extended to promote the growth and development of geese.

5, night lighting. When nurturing goslings, indoor lighting is needed to prevent rat damage and to facilitate night-time feeding. Light requirements: A 40-watt light bulb is used for every 40 goose gourds, suspended in a stilts 1.5 meters above the ground. Gradually reduce the lighting time after 30 days.

Powder Bagging Scale System

This unit is specially designed for ultrafine powdery materials, with unique structure, accurate weighing and stable reliability; It is one of the most technical weigher machine for powder. Can pack many kinds of powdery material and powdery mixer, such as medical raw material, flour, milk powder and so on. The machine contains double auger weigher(one big weigher and one small weigher): All parts are of Omni seal, prevent powder lost from the machine. Its weighing control system is controlled centrally by PLC and is designed according to IP54 (dustproof and waterproof) requirement; This unit consists of fully automatic weighing machine (including bag clamp mechanism), conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic control cabinet; The mechanical section is fed by horizontal double auger with independent metering and deducting mechanism, fast metering speed and high accuracy; Options multiple devices available for free selection (conveyor, bag sewing machine, sealing machine, elevator, air pump, dust collector, metal detector, over-allowance checker... It can be tailor-made according to the customer's need and site.

Weighing range


Weighing accuracy


Weighing rate

120-400 bags/h



Air supply pressure


Metering mode

Suspension sensor



Power supply mode

3-phase 5-wire system

External dimensions (L*W*H)

4000*2000*3000 (mm)

Unit weight

800 kg

Powder Bagging Scale System

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