Farm machinery maintenance must be three net

One must be clean. At present, most farm machinery engines are diesel engines, so the diesel purification work is very important. There are three methods for diesel purification. The first is to set the purchased diesel oil to settle for more than 96 hours, and then add the filter to the filter and add a layer of silk cloth. When taking oil from the oil drum, take the filter plus a layer of silk cloth or typewriter wax paper, and clean or replace it regularly.

Second, the net oil. Always pay attention to the use of clean lubricants that meet the standards of this machine. The filter element of the oil filter should be regularly cleaned. The rotor-type filter should be affixed with a layer of suitable kraft paper of a wide and narrow length to facilitate the adsorption of dirt under centrifugal action. The dirt that is adsorbed on the filter element is best cleaned with an air pump and blows air from inside to outside, scrubs with a brush, and never wipe it by hand. Use a clean, calcium-based grease on the butter, and don't mess with other lubricants.

Third, the net air. When the engine is running, the cylinder draws in 2 to 4 cubic meters of air per minute. In order to ensure that the air entering the cylinder is clean, the air filter must be inspected and cleaned regularly. Fourth, the net cooling water. The engine cooling water is preferably made of soft water, ie, snow, rainwater or treated tap water, and clean well water, etc. The cooling system purges 1% caustic soda and 0.5% kerosene in proportion to the water volume. Fifth, the machine must be clean. Most of the farm machinery operations are in the wild and in the open air. They often come in contact with dust, silt, and water. The body is most likely to be dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to scrub frequently, so that the body will not rust, if necessary, to make up the paint to prevent corrosion.

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