Eat more orange can prevent alcohol liver

An article in Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” pointed out that a public survey released by the Japanese Fruit Research Institute showed that eating more citrus can prevent liver disease and atherosclerosis.

Institute experts pointed out that citrus is rich in carotenoids, and the survey found that the higher the concentration of carotenoids in human blood, the more normal human liver function, the lower the risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis.

In Japan, it is very common for men to drink alcohol, and it is known that excessive drinking can cause diseases such as alcohol liver, fatty liver, and cirrhosis. Therefore, experts conducted a survey on men who ingested 25 grams of ethanol per day (ie, 640 millilitres or more of beer) and found that people who eat 1 or less citrus a day suffer from alcohol than those who eat 3 to 4 citrus a day. The liver may be nearly twice as high. Experts believe that this is mainly due to the reduced antioxidant capacity of serum in patients with viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis, and that carotenoids and vitamins rich in citrus can increase antioxidant capacity and are beneficial to protecting the liver.

In addition, experts pointed out that arteriosclerosis will deteriorate with the age of people, diet, smoking, drinking and other living habits will affect it, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity, etc. will also cause arteriosclerosis main reason. The survey found that people with high levels of carotenoids in their serum may have 2-3 times less risk of arteriosclerosis than those with low levels of carotenoids. This shows that eating more citrus and ingesting large amounts of carotenoids can avoid arteriosclerosis.

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