28 full-scale food testing coverage in circulation in Shanghai

Xinhua Net Hai, June 9: The reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce on the 8th that in order to ensure the safety of supermarkets and supermarkets selling food, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Department has increased the intensity of food testing, and achieved a total of 28 categories of food testing in circulation. Coverage, and tighten supervision of the sale of critical commodities.

According to reports, Shanghai City has allocated 20 food rapid testing vehicles and 161 rapid testing boxes to industrial and commercial sub-branches and grass-roots commercial and industrial units, and cooperated with third-party testing agencies. As of the end of May, it carried out rapid testing of 61,000 batches of foods for the entire system. From the initial seasonal inspection of cooked foods, steamed confectionery, dairy products, etc., it has now been strengthened to carry out irregular inspections on 28 food categories covering almost all foods. The indicators for testing include E. coli, pesticide residues, lean meat extract, Nitrite and other nearly 20 species.

On the 8th, the reporter followed the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce to go to the 119th supermarket of the Agriculture, Industry and Commerce Supermarket in Luwan District of Shanghai. The supermarket formed a system of self-inspection on a daily basis and random checks by industry and commerce to ensure normal and comprehensive food testing.

The reporter saw that at the food inspection sites of the Nongfu Business Supermarket, industrial and commercial inspectors and supermarket staff grind nine vegetables such as green vegetables and spinach into different test cups, drip in distilled water, and use specialized test strips, potions, and instruments. The test can be performed in 10 minutes to show whether the vegetables have residual pesticides. The rapid detection of pork lean meat only takes 20 minutes.

In addition, Gan Pingzhong, the quality supervision department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce, said that supermarkets have also strengthened the standard management of critical foods and formed a fixed mechanism: for ready-made products such as cooked food, cakes, and bread, they are required to be sold on the day of production. The practice began with the cooked food starting at 4:30 in the afternoon and starting 20 percent off at 5 pm every day for breads and pastries. For raw milk and soy products, there will be a relatively concentrated buy-one-get-one when there are two days before the expiration date. Discounts and other activities.

For pre-packaged foods, the Nongyeongye Supermarket has set up a special place in the conspicuous position of the supermarket lobby to carry out promotional campaigns for critical foods at fixed times and at fixed locations, clearly informing consumers of the reasons for promotion. The reporter saw that pre-packaged foods such as beverages and biscuits were piled up in the critical food sales area, with a very eye-catching "buy one, get one free," yellow and red label on top. Supermarket staff said that on Wednesdays, "Meeting Wednesday" activities will be held to focus on discount sales.

Once the food has passed its shelf life, it will be firmly removed from the shelf and destroyed by “destructive dyeing” and will not be returned to the manufacturer. During the destruction process, digital equipment was used to record the entire journey, and the image data was stored for two years.

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