Symptoms of corn madness disease and its remedial measures

First, the symptoms

Crazy top disease is a systemic infection disease. The diseased plants in the seedling stage show yellowing, twisting, and malformation of the heart; there are yellow-white stripe-like chlorosis on the leaves, or shrinkage into blister; the plants over-delivery, with severe death. After tasseling, the typical symptoms are male and female malformations: all or some of the tassel develop into metamorphic leaves, clustering, so that the entire tassel is punctured, it is called mad roof disease; the tip of the female tassel leaf is metamorphosed into lobular and hyperplasia, and the ear differentiation The spikelets were clustered and the inside of the spikelets were all leafy, no filaments, and no kernels. The plants are dwarfed and generally have no ears.

Second, control methods and remedial measures

1. Timely drainage of sick fields, no water in the corn seedling stage;

2. Planting resistant varieties;

3. Strengthen quarantine, do not adjust seeding from the epidemic area;

4. Remove diseased plants in time and bring them out of the field for centralized destruction;

5. Serious illness field rounds down;

6. Treatment with 35% Rhizoctonia Militaris Seed Preparation 0.3% or 25% of the seed metalaxyl wettable powder has a certain effect with 0.4% seed weight seed dressing.

Hydrolyzed Sponge White Powder


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