How to improve the reproductive performance of sows

This year is a year of abnormal weather. From the south to Guangdong and north to Heilongjiang, there has been a sustained high temperature this year, which has caused certain pressure on the pig industry and has caused difficulties in the prevention and control of diseases in the entire pig herd. The sow is the root of the pig farm. The production performance of the sow determines the success or failure of the farm to a certain extent. The farmers pay more and more attention to the health of the sow. However, the sow production performance on many farms has been found to be declining this summer. It is manifested in a series of reproductive disorders such as infertility, metritis, prenatal and postpartum non-feeding, and low number of births after weaning. The author now puts forward his own opinions on the causes of sow reproductive failure and how to improve sow reproductive performance.

First, the main factors causing the sow to reduce production performance:

1, nutritional factors

Insufficient nutrient intake, hot and hot season in summer, due to the pig's subcutaneous fat thickness, poor heat dissipation, the pig's feed intake, activity decreased accordingly, the sow reproductive nutrient intake is insufficient, so that the sow heat Ovulation disorder occurs, affecting mating and conception, and stillbirths and weaker ones. Nutrition is one-sided, lack or deficiency of green feed, decreased summer feed intake, lack of one-sided nutrient intake or certain nutrients (such as deficiency of selenium, vitamin A, and E), coupled with lack of or insufficient supply of green feed, affecting normal breeding activities .

2, lack of exercise factors

In summer, when the weather is hot, there is a relative decrease in the amount of exercise of the pigs. In addition, some pig farms are now using the positioning bar to raise the amount of exercise. If the amount of boar activity is too small, it will lead to a decline in semen vitality, which will directly affect the conception rate. Insufficient exercise capacity of the boar will affect the normal estrus of the sow. It will also make the sows' limbs weak and affect the fertility of the breeding.

3, disease factors

Infectious diseases are the main cause of reproductive disorders in sows, causing the greatest harm. Such as parvovirus disease, atypical swine fever, Japanese encephalitis, leptospirosis, Chlamydia psittaci, brucellosis, blue ear disease (porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome), porcine eperythrozoonosis, toxoplasma Illness and so on.

4, sow reproductive tract infection

Mainly due to poor hygienic conditions, excessive pollution sources or excessive production of sows in sows, and difficulties in sows production, improper remedial measures or improper handling, etc., cause sow reproductive tract damage, resulting in secondary infections of uteritis and endometritis. Diseases such as vaginitis and other reproductive tracts cause estrus in the sows, abnormal heat conditions, repeated infertility or abortions in the pregnant sows.

The use of boar factors: summer heat season, boar heat stress is obvious, and some farms (households) still use boars during the day in hot weather to collect and breed, and do not pay attention to the rational use of boars, over time However, the damage to the boar is relatively large, and it is easy to cause the boar's sexual performance to decline, the semen quality is thin, the amount is small, the sperm motility is decreased, dead sperm and weak sperm are increased, thus seriously affecting the conception rate of the sow.

In order to improve the production performance of sows, we have taken some effective methods and achieved satisfactory results.

First, prevent heatstroke and prevent stress. Ventilation can also be built into adjustable roof ventilation windows and ground ventilation windows. In summer and autumn, pig house doors are converted into ventilation doors to increase ventilation and eliminate harmful gases. Planting tall trees around pig farms and pig houses can reduce sunlight exposure and lower the environment and air temperature in pig houses. If the natural ventilation alone can not reduce the temperature, you can use mechanical ventilation, install a fan or blower to promote air flow, effectively reduce the air humidity, take away the heat. Longitudinal ventilation is better than lateral ventilation. Wet curtain fan cooling. Wet curtain fan cooling system is an ideal cooling method that has risen in recent years. It began to appear in the country in the 1980s and was first used for the summer cooling of breeder houses. The principle is to install curtains on the wall, and use the fan to blow the curtain. Because the water evaporates and requires heat, the temperature of the blown-out air is lower than the temperature. The cold air enters the room to reduce the temperature. When the thickness of the wet curtain is 12 centimeters, and the curtain wind speed is 1 meter to 1.2 meters per second, the temperature can be reduced by 5 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius. The drier the air and the higher the temperature, the greater the air cooling rate through the wet curtain and the more significant the effect. Wet curtain cooling is currently more suitable for male and female pig houses, and the cost is relatively low. There are ready-made product sales on the market.

Second, adjust feed, strengthen feeding management. Heat often affects the sows’ appetite, causing their feed intake to decrease and their heat production to increase. Appropriate nutrient level is the decisive factor in improving the health level and reproductive performance of breeding pigs. Therefore, the feed formulation should be adjusted in time to improve the palatability and nutrient concentration of the feed so that the sow can meet the nutritional needs in the case of reduced feed intake.
Live piglets, this is due to piglets that have not been excreted in the uterus and are successfully delivered due to irritation. The sow was found responsible, pay attention to whether there is alive (dead), and deal with it in time.

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